Pathology Personified: A Visual Aid to the Signs and Symptoms of Medical Disorders

Pathology Personified. For students of health and medicine, and healthcare professionals.

We give you striking, unique visual representations of pathology’s signs and symptoms. By representing these pictorially, we hope to make life much easier for all students of health and medicine, and healthcare professionals of any level the world over. It can be used as a revision tool or a quick reference guide. So you can spend less time remembering lists of things and more time helping people.

Why is it needed? There is a plethora of medical books available. Most follow a similar format, by presenting disorders and their detailsĀ  – including signs & symptoms – in a text or list format. Many of these disply overlapping symptoms, making remembering them harder still. Therefore, students and professionals have to find their own ways of internalising this information.

It is thought that around 70% of people in the United Kingdom and USA take on information best if it is in a visual format, whereas for text it is around 15%. We want to align that to the world of health learning, and make revision more fun.